Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We're backkk....

So, we are back from vacation. Boo!  But, yay for getting home to our dogs...we're kinda obsessed and talked about how excited we were to see them most of the way home.  Duh...they're awesome! :)
Anyways, we drove to Destin, Florida.  The drive was about 10 hours, but the hubs cut that down to 8...can we say speed demon?  I drove home and it was a solid 10 hours...rule follower.
The GPS on T's phone, aka Polly Pocket (because she goes in your pocket, again, duh) took us threw the straight up the middle of the night.  I told T if we broke down I was calling the police before getting out to check the car.  Since he is in federal corrections he doesn't care about that stuff.  He is brave, I am not.
Well, we got there at about 4 in the morning and they were gracious enough to let us check in early for a mere $100...into a room that leaked from the roof.  Gee, thanks. 
I am pretty sure you shouldn't have to give a disclaimer to the customer that there might be a few trashcans sitting in the middle of the floor because it had been raining a lot.  Whatever.  Call me high class...I am totally kidding.
But, when the sun rose the next day this is what we were greeted with.
Don't let that majestic picture fool was high hazard tide and would straight up pummel you.  Which it did to me.  I couldn't get up.  I crawled.  It wasn't at all.
It was beautiful though.
This was clearly before the ocean made me its bishh.

Since Sunday was our actual 1 year anniversary we got ready and went out to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.  I wanted to take some pictures on the beach...yeah, about that.  Clearly, next time I will just schedule an appointment with a professional photographer.  I am sure T will be thrilled about that. Not.

I love music, so a Jimi Hendrick tribute shirt was perfect.  :)

While we were out driving around we saw this gem, which I for the record think is cute.  T reads the sign on the side and says, "Yeah, I look at that Jeep and think that is exactly how I want my home decorated."  He's a smart ass, which is one if the reasons I love him. 

Ummm, can you say sunset?

This is what we woke up to Tuesday morning.  Evidently it is really common for the seaweed to come up this time of year and it dyes the water brown.  It was actually kinda pretty to see the blue fade into the intense red/brown color.  It wasn't something you wanted to swim in, however. 

I found something I love on vacation.  Straw-ber-ritas.  Which T started calling Cour-er-ritas (get it, courage?) after I drank some on the beach and decided I wanted to see if I could make it out to where I couldn't touch the bottom anymore.  Ummm, FYI I am terrified of being shark bate. I don't get past mid-calf.  You know that Shark Week show where the guy is standing in knee deep water talking about how they are harmless unless provoked and then gets attacked and almost lost his leg.  Anyone?  Cickets? Okay, moving on.   I called my mom and proudly told her about my accomplishment. She wasn't as excited as me...I just don't get it. ;)

I'm not normally a "selfie" person, but I liked the way this one made my hair look.  Which, hair care at the beach is another story and may just get a whole post to its own.  I seriously take a bag of stuff.  I don't want one week at the beach to ruin my hair for months...which it has been known to do.

We went to the pier and dinner at a place called the Crab Trap.  After, we decided to check out a dueling piano bar called Howling at the Moon.  If you are in Destin you should check it out.  This was an interesting night. It started out with an innocent drink called "Birthday Cake" which led to more than one. A woman from Texas started buying us drinks and I made a new friend.  Hey, Linda! She was super nice and was so fun to chat with.  

We had a great trip until the air went out in our rental car and for the record Enterprise does NOT pick you up.  Actually they we a total pain in the ass to deal with and were really hateful about the whole situation.  We spent our last day there trying to get that straightened out.  

I'd love to have you follow along for my next post: post vacation weigh in...the moment of truth on how much this vacation cost me on the scale.  Which won't be pretty because along with lots of drinks there was late night pizza and this...just to name a few. {insert nervous face here}


  1. Glad you had a great trip! I love the pictures of the beach, it looked really pretty!!!

    Your hair is so pretty too! Love it! glad you made it home safely!

    1. Thank you! It was really pretty. I normally keep my hair brown, so I am still getting used to it.

  2. Oh my gosh I already had beach fever but reading your posts just put it over the edge! I love your Coach bag I have the same one!! And then you post that delicious picture of doughnuts, I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at it..

    1. I know right. I still have beach fever and I just left. T and I are seriously talking about moving closer to the beach. And I probably did gain 5 pounds from those!

  3. It looks like you guys had a great time!! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Your beach pics are gorgeous!! I'm so totally jealous right now!

    Those donuts.....mmmmmmmmmm!

    1. Those donuts were good, but not for the scale. We had a good time, but it was a short trip...I wish it had been longer!

  5. The good news about vacation weight is that as long as you tackle it right away, it comes off sooooooooo fast! You've got this girl, and soon you won't even remember this little blip.

    Your trip looks so fun! I can't remember the last time I was on a beach... 7 or 8 years ago, maybe?

    Stopping by from Holly's blog =)

    1. Yes, and you only get one life, so you might as well enjoy it.
      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!

  6. Glad you guys had a fun trip! The Crab Trap is great! I can't believe you got out in the seaweed! I hate that stuff :-) Happy Anniversary!!

    1. I loved The Crab Trap. I did get out in the seaweed for a short time and after a few mini panic attacks due to things wrapping around my legs I was D.O.N.E. haha