Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Beach Bag

Am I seriously a grown-up?  You know, the one who is actually responsible for taking care of all of the miscellaneous details of a vacation?  Well, evidently I am.  So, naturally I did it right.  If by right I mean started packing yesterday...we leave today. Of course I totally took care of the important details like a cute towel for the beach.  
Anyways, here are my essentials for the beach:
Towel: Similar Tommy Hilfiger found at Macy's.  I actually got mine at TJ Maxx for $12!  Score!
Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen : I love this stuff.  It keeps my skin protected, but has a hint of shimmer to enhance your skins natural bronze tones.
Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen : Yep, I am that person that needs special sunscreen for my face.  Regular sunscreen reeks is not pretty.
Sun Hat : This is a similar one here and it has the option to monogram! Woo hoo!

*Click on bold text for link to purchase similar products.*

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