Friday, January 24, 2014

Blog world meet Ledger

We didn't do announcement pictures since I have been so nervous....

Blog world meet Ledger...
So, a while December I said I would be back to blogging again and have an announcement.  Well, here HE is!  Ledger is due in June!  This picture is actually an older ultra sound picture (like between 13-15 weeks? so baby is quite a bit bigger now).  

How far along: 20 weeks 

Baby's Size: a bananas (and yes, I sang ba-n-an-as as I wrote that)
Gender: BOY!!

Weight Gain: 7 pounds, but I lost a few at first.

Maternity Clothes: I am in LOVE with maternity jeans.  Maternity shirts are still really funky on me.

Stretch Marks: Not yet...I feel like this question is made to jinx me.

Belly Button In or Out: In, hasn't really changed.

Sleep: Okay.  I wake up multiple times to use the restroom and have major hip pain if I lay on one side too long, but he's worth it.

Best Moment This Week: Having baby boy checked up on and seeing that so far, he is happy and healthy in there.

Symptoms: Having to use the restroom alllll the time and new this past week is an increase in appetite...I will have just eaten and literally feel hungry again.  And, if you can call it a symptom I am totally obsessed with making boy fashion are a couple outfits I've put together....Etsy will have ALL our money!

Worst Moment This Week: If this counts...anxiously awaiting feeling him move.  I have an anterior placenta (meaning it is in the front rather than the back and acts as a pillow between the baby and the uterus wall which is what you feel movement through), so the doctor said I wouldn't feel him until 21-24 weeks....but, I have been feeling a little tapping/thumping feeling every now and then when I am really still. 

Miss Anything?:  Oh, how I miss a nice bubble bath.  When we built our house one of my many only request was a jacuzzi tub and I got so used to using it often...showers just aren't the same.

Craving: Slushies for the win!

Queasy or sick?: Not recently.  

Looking Forward To: Nailing down some real finality to nursery ideas...I have some BIG ideas.  We will see.....

Mood: I cry at everything...don't even think about putting it on the Hallmark channel. But, overall I am happy...just need to get my crazy under control.

Movement: A little?!...waiting for it to become stronger and more consistent...but we checked on baby at my last appointment and he was moving all over the place, I just can't feel it yet.

Doctors Appointments: We went this week to have baby boy checked on because I was concerned about not feeling movement (my doctor rocks and does whatever to ease my mind) he's happy and healthy in there so far.  We also recently had his gender scan (biophysical check).

P.S. I'll work on an actual bump picture for the next post...I honestly haven't taken hardly any because I didn't start to show until the last week or so (and at work today everyone informed me I still don't look pregnant...does that mean I just look fatter or still the same?  They said same for the record, but my friend said her bump popped around this time, so I'm waiting for it).