Wednesday, August 21, 2013

That One Time I Wrapped Myself In Saran Wrap

Hi lovely!  I am glad you stopped by makes my little heart happy to have you. If you have been here for Workout/ Weigh In Wednesday before...
 (Hi, my name is Katelyn and I am trying to lose weight.  In unison, *Hi, Katelyn*)
I believe good earrings and a braid can cure a bad day and I had to document this...but I am totally awkward at selfies.
...then you know I am training for a 10k and doing the Insanity program on crossfit days, but I decided that I would make up a little sample workout for y'all since Insanity is freakin' expensive (and no this is defiantly not the exact Insanity workout...that would be plagiarism and I don't want to go to jail...mmm'kay?)

 Since not much has changed in the say of my workout I don't want to bore you with the same ol' same ol' so....I figured I would give you a funny story that led me to try and workout product that you may have seen and wondered about.


There are times when my journey to lose weight has been shameless...I'm for serious....Like that one time I wrapped myself in saran wrap.  You see, my best friend and I had laid around all summer floating in a pool and eating pizza and by the end of summer we had both gain our fair share of summer weight.  I should probably give you some background we are those friends that are like Lucy and Ethel...anything we touch together turns to shit, usually pretty hilarious shit.

  We discussed ways that we could drop weight fast and somehow, I don't even know, we decided that we would wrap ourselves (legs and torso) in saran wrap and go run at one of our local trails.  I am pretty sure the idea came from those product that make you sweat...more on that later. 

It was a disaster.

It was going well at first...until we were too far to turn back.  Then the saran wrap started to make this loud noise...we sounded like a bag of chips being opened.   Well, as if that wasn't embarrasing enough the sweat has to go some place...cue looking like I straight peed myself.  Okay, so let us recap:  I sound like a bag of chip and look like I peed myself....yeah this was brilliant (I swear I graduated college with high honors).   As if it couldn't get any worse (it always can) when saran wrap gets sweating it also gets slippery.  Meaning, now, the saran wrap was starting to inch down my legs like melting ice cream runs down a cone.  We were a mile away from the car or any bathroom with people everywhere.  I did what I could...I kept trying to pull it up.  So, now: I sound like a bag of chips being opened, look like I peed myself, I am melting like an ice cream cone,  and look like I am playing with myself from constantly trying to keep the saran wrap from coming out of the bottom of my capris.  To make matter worse we were beyond laughing hysterically at this point, I mean what else can you do.  I am 99% sure everyone thought we were on crack.  Then the saran wrap started to unwrap.  Yes, you can picture it.  Now I had saran wrap starting to peek out from under my capris like toilet paper on someones shoe.  Like I said, a disaster.    I was miserable at this point, so we decided to run as fast as we could back to the car.  By the time we arrived we had saran wrap around our ankles and everyone in the parking lot was pretty amused.  I literally looked like a bad cooking experiment gone wrong...very wrong.

For the record, I am evidently not the only idiot that thought this was a good idea.  Just Google it an you will after website suggesting this as a weight loss technique.

Well, all this taught me something.  You pay for the actual product that is supposed to do this stuff.  I am one of those people, you know the one who has tried every fad diet craze coming and going?  I am that person who buys any product that I think will somehow make weight loss easier.
Here is the product I bought, Gold's Gym Slimmer Kit:
Now, let me start by saying that this was in fact more successful than saran wrap...big surprise, huh? 

  • It does increase the amount of sweat. I normally don't notice sweat on my thighs especially, but you will with this product.
  • Didn't feel intrusive or in the way.
  • Can be worn under you clothes (to workout, I wouldn't recommend for work).
  • The arm bands were hard to apply by myself.
  • The leg bands started to slip down my legs (no matter how tight I put them) once I started to sweat.
  •  My pant would sometimes get caught in the leg bands make for an awkward adjustment. 
Overall, I think that this product was worth the $13 dollars I paid for it.  I don't think this is something that I would use in a public gym, just because I might look like an idiot with enough Velcro on to be one of those teddy bears for preschoolers.

Weigh In Wedneday


  1. i will be honest here -- the scale means nothing. don't even look at that. the fact that you can run 4 straight miles is something that is amazing, shows you that you're on your way to an awesome healthy body and is something that the scale WILL NEVER CAPTURE.

    in my mind; the scale isn't a good way to measure progress, inches lost and how your clothes fit are.

    i'm sure you know this already but are you looking at how much food you eat? often when doing intense programs similar to insanity, YOU NEED TO EAT properly in order to lose weight.

    also, weight training is important; by building lean muscle mass, you burn more calories at rest (creating an overall caloric deficit)...i did insanity as well but it wasn't until i did p90x where i dropped those last few (and stubborn) inches from my waist.

    keep it up! celebrate the NSVs and ditch the scale.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I don't even have a scale. My biggest thing is not eating after 7. I drink a lot of water (and tea and coffee haha!) but DON'T drink any kind of soda. No fast food. And just cut back on the sugary shit. Denise Austin helps me.

    But for the love of God... leave the kitchen shit IN THE KITCHEN!


  3. Don't be so hard on yourself! Your efforts alone are commendable and you can't rely on the scale to define you. Just keep up the hard work and dedication, and let how you feel in your own skin determine the person you are :) Way to go Katelyn!

  4. I need to start cutting back on the caffeine and anything that has sugar. I'm slowly starting to cut back on the fast food because I freaked out when I noticed my scale and my boyfriend who's a gym whore noticed my weight gain and brought it to my attention. I'm starting to workout tonight!
    I've always wanted to try the saran wrap but after reading, I think I'm good! Lol.

  5. Several years ago I'd thought about the Saran wrap thing but never did it. Glad I didn't try but your story was funny!

  6. Hahaha! Love your selfies, and your Crossfit workout!! The saran wrap story made me snort while I was laughing...WIN! ;)

  7. I love the looks on your face :) I want to try those body wraps you see all over the internet now, not sure I would ever try the saran wrap.

  8. Hilarious story!!

    You're doing great, keep it up!

  9. So funny! I love that you can share your stories like this! And the selfie looks great :)

  10. omg...I needed that laugh today! (sorry its at your expense) And having done Insanity this year, you've given people a quick and dirty workout to compete with it, so its a keeper for a workout.

  11. I wouldn't try the saran wrap myself - lol, I sweat enough already when I workout :)

  12. HAHA, you and your bestie sound like me and mine! We have some pretty fun and eventful times as well. My good friend is a Rep for the Body Wraps and she sent me one to try and blog about.. I ended up having my miscarriage days after she sent it and needless to say, I haven't really been interested in doing it but this post gave me an idea. Rather than send her before and after pics of myself with the wrap on.. I might just saranwrap myself and see how funny she thinks that is. And WHAT is a butt kick?? lol

  13. I am wearing saran wrap right now....only on my torso though. Just did 45 -minutes on the seems to be in place, but I am starting to sound like a bag of chips.

  14. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to exercise while wearing a wrap... watch tv, read, or take a nap instead. The wrap will stay in place.

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