Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wish List*

Unfortunately, work is kinda controlling my life this week.  I have about 5 post written for times like this, but when I looked at them to post this morning none of them seemed done.  So anyways, here is what I am currently wishing for.  I hope that you have a happy Thursday!  Wooo hooo, one day closer to a glass of wine (for me)!

There are a few things that I would LOVE to have..
[One] a Cannon professional grade camera [Two] a dainty little cross necklace [Three] the ENTIRE Fall collection of candles from Bath and Body Works [Four] a Polar heart rate monitor [Five] these cute teal Nikes [Six] that puppy [Seven] some boots for fall in that exact color that actually fit my calves  [Eight] a KY necklace

What is on your wish list?

P.S. If I am in the business of making wish lists I would also like to add:
  • Carrie Underwoods legs
  • A Victoria's Secret Angel's stomach
  • Jennifer Aniston's arms
  •  A million dollars 
  • To not have to work so I didn't have to use stupid post like this one.
  • An animal retreat farm for animals that would otherwise be put down.
  • World peace (duh)
  • No more cancer
  • No more sadness
  • Personal chef
  • Personal Trainer
  • Interior Designer 
  • House Keeper
  • assistant 
P.P.S.  Since I have written this I have done more research and now I think I want a Nikon instead of a Cannon...just for the record. :)


  1. Everytime I see those teal nike's on pinterest, I wish I had them immediately. They're soooo cute!

  2. Nikon is definitely better than Canon. I had a Canon and wasn't impressed, Then I got my Nikon D40...and have had it for 6 years and love it!

  3. I'm a Canon girl for life! I've had both, and was always dissapointed with my Nikon...but I know people go both ways. And OMG B&BW fall candles, they get me so giddy! I haven't "had a smell" of this years line, but thinkin I need to stop in there.

  4. Love those fall candles, i want them all! An animal retreat is on my wish list too! I have a Nikon and love it!

  5. I want those sneakers! I also have been wanting a Polar watch - it is on my Christmas list.

  6. I swear, every time I see those sneakers I want them! Also, I would love try try out a heart rate monitor, i've heard really good things about them!

    xx Kait | ChickadeeSays | ChickadeeSays Bloglovin

  7. I get excited for fall to come so I can burn pumpkin candles. Also, having a heart rate monitor would be amaaaazing!

    I hav ea NIkon, and I love mine... even though I don't really know how to use it.


  8. I can't wait for the fall!! I have never lived in a place where I can wear boots and a sweater. So living in Colorado is my dream come true. I say that now, but I bet I will be changing my mind once I get a cold day. I love the quote you picked! Thanks for following me. I am now following you! I hope I can help you make it to 100 readers!