Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Six Things You Should Know About Me

Hey lovelies, I was happily surprised to see that I was tagged by Beth at Hang On, Honey to participate in the "6 Things You Should Know About Me" post that I have seen lingering on some of my favorite blogs out there.  Anyways, this is a greeeeaaattt post for me this week because the real world is getting in the way of my fantasy world of being a stay-at-home puppy momma....aka I started work back this week.

I am not sure that you 'should' or need to know these things, per-say, but you're going to if you read this. :)

1. What's the best piece of advice anyone has given you?
  That sometimes God doesn't give us the perfect "out" for a situations, but sometimes he creates circumstances  that show us it is the right time to leave.  This was advice given to me during a really trying time with a very difficult former employer and it was the best advice I was ever given...hence me using it here (duh, Katelyn).  I left that situation trusting that something would work out and it did...no, I didn't have a back-up when I decided to leave that situation, but it was clear that my time there was done.

2. What's your biggest struggle in life?
I would like to say my weight, because that is a pretty big constant struggle with lots of lows (and I don't mean on the scale), but I think I would have to go with finding a balance.  I am in the weird mid-twenties funk where I feel like I am defining the rest of my life and the only problem with that is I am not sure what I want the rest of my life to be just yet. 
3. Favorite piece of jewelry {other than your engagement/wedding ring} and why?
That would have to be my charm bracelet that my husband got me and keeps adding to.  The charms represent different important events and symbols in our relationship.  My favorite charm is a world.  When my husband gave me the charm he told me, "My goal in life is to give you the world." I know, I know, you are probably thinking that is so corny, but it really was so genuine when he gave it to me.  

4. What's something you love about yourself?
I guess what I would consider something I love about myself can be a blessing and a curse at times.  I tend to care a lot, too much at times.  I guess the reason I love this about myself is because I never leave a situation feeling like I didn't do all I could to make said situation better.  

If this was meant to mean about my body, I guess I would have to say my eyes.  They are a really weird green/blue aquaie (<not a word) color and they tend to change (weird, I know) and become more intense based on what I am wearing or my mood, etc. 
5. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
  I wish I could say figuring out my DSLR camera like so many others, but I can't...because I don't have one.  Womp. Womp.  BUT, I really want one...does that count?  I have spent A LOT of time recently researching them. :)

I can totally add the above now, because in between the time I typed this a posted it I got one!  But, I haven't had it long enough to say it is my favorite...yet! 

In all seriousness, I would have to say a good cup of coffee while spending time with family.   

6. Tell us something we don't know about you.
 My dream job is to be a lifestyle photographer.  It has ALWAYS been something in the back of my mind, and something that I keep coming back to time after time.  

I tag:
(some of the very very first ladies to believe in my little blog)
Pick 6 to answer for yourself:
1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
2.  If you have 3 wishes what would they be?
3.  What is something you thought you would never do or accomplish but have?
4. What blogs are you loving right now that have under 200 followers?
5.  What is your best advice you have received about blogging?
6. If you could only take one thing to an uninhabited environment what would you take (think Naked and Afraid)?
7.  Who is the most influential person in your life?
8. Tell us something we don't know about you

.9.  If you could open your own business what kind of good or service would you provide?  What would you business be like?
10. If you had to be stuck in one season for the rest of your life what would it be?


  1. i agree with you on the coffee + family; i remember back in the day i would prefer to be out at the local bar with friends but now, i just want to stay home with my family and relax with a glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Awww thanks for tagging me! I'll do this later today!

    Your #4 (caring a lot) is soooo me. And I have a love/hate relationship with it as well. But it's just who we are, and usually it is a good thing!

    Still so excited you got your camera!!

  3. AWWW the comment about "giving you the world" gave me goosebumpts!!! so sweet!!!

  4. Yay! Thanks so much for tagging me!

    1.) The "giving you the world" is so precious. When you're married, the corny stuff is the best! You've got a serious keeper! ;)
    2.) Oh, the mid-twenties funk. I know exactly how you feel. There are two serious ends of the spectrum, it's like "anything goes" in your twenties. Some are married with kids, some are still partying hard and exploring. I think you hit the nail on the head talking about balance. Either way, you almost feel like you should be doing more of the other thing.
    3.) Congrats on your camera! Can't wait to see some pictures!


  5. First things first... you look so pretty in the pictures of you and your husband above! So pretty!!!

    Also, the charm bracelet is sweet!

  6. Love the Charm Bracelet!!! I had a charm watch at some point and I'm not sure where it went. Would love to have another .. Hmm..might have to tell my hubby for christmas.

    And yes, the corny stuff is the best when you are married. :)

    Ps..loved the pics of you and your husband at the top!

  7. #5 is my favorite, too! It's something so simple, but also hard to do. I love having coffee with my mom and sister and "morning chit chat" whenever we're able to find the time!

  8. Those are adorable wedding photos! Good luck with that new DSLR, I'm still struggling to figure out how mine works!

  9. The wedding photos are stunning!

    Spending time with family is awesome. For me, my family is all out of town (6-7 hours away) so when I do get to visit them, I make the most of each minute!

  10. The world? I don't think it's corny. I think it's wonderful!

  11. aww thanks for the tag Katelyn! Love you and your blog :)

  12. I always love it when it's my first time visiting a blog and it's one of these posts that I get to read. =0)
    Great to "meet" you!

  13. Low the charm bracelet and the watch! Finding balance is so tough!

  14. I love this, thanks for tagging me! #1 was great, I need to keep that in mind!

  15. Can I just say.. your ring is gorgeous!! I'm not really into jewelry and fancy stuff, in fact, I wouldn't let my fiance get me a ring because I wear my great grandmother's antique engagement ring and I really don't want anything else. I told him that we could find a "pawn shop" antique band that went well with it. So beautiful! And like you, I tend to care too much too! I would give people the shirt off my back, if I could-- and I've learned a lot of hard lessons from caring a little too much also. It's like a double edged sword at times.