Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pictures You Probably Don't Care To See

I figured I would give you something to look at if you are stopping over from the Sunday Sync.  
Hope you and yours are having a great weekend!

Super Sunday Sync


  1. All of these pictures are awesome. It's fun to see the color/b&w contrast too!!

    I'm visiting today from Super Sunday Sync. :)

  2. These are gorgeous! I want that shirt dress!

  3. Beautiful photos. I love the one of you in the royal blue shirt, the color really suits you....and that engagement ring is stunning!

  4. You two are adorable! Love how you guys tried to incorporate things that are really special to both of you.

  5. Y'all are just too cute! Love these pictures. Did y'all go to Duke? I'm living in Durham right now while my husband goes to grad school at Duke!