Monday, August 5, 2013

A Little About Me: A-Z Style

First and Foremost... 
I never thought anyone would care what I had to say, and I have been pleasantly surprised and met such amazing people so far.  I feel so lucky to be part of this community.

A: Attached or Single? Attached...married, actually.
Yep, we had two different photo shoots...One on the beach and one at home on a farm.

B: Best Friend? My momma...We are super close and I wouldn't have it any other way.

C: Cake or pie? In the Fall and Winter...Pie.  Summer...Cake.
D: Day of choice? Friday.  I love the feeling of knowing the weekend is right there...then usually the weekend brings cleaning and I'll go with Friday.
E: Essential item? Bible my grandparents got me before my grandfather passed away. No, it isn't something I carry around with me everyday and there are things I use more, like my phone...but it is onle of the only pieces of him I have left.
F: Favorite color? Turquoise
G: Gummy bears or worms? Gummy worms (sour)
H: Hometown? Berea, Kentucky
I: Favorite indulgence? Pasta and wine.
J: January or July? July.  I got married in July so I am obligated to say it ;)...but January means snow days for me!
K: Kids? I would dare to say kids are more insightful than most adults...and of course I want some.
L: Life isn’t complete without? Family, friends, and dogs...and wine.
M: Marriage date? 7-7-12
N: Number of brothers/sisters? One brother.
O: Oranges or Apples? Apple slices with peanut butter.
P: Phobias/Fears? Flying, dying young.
Q: Quotes? I have about a million quotes saved on every piece of electronic equipment..hmm, let's see.
R: Reasons to smile? Life in itself is a gift...the rest is ALL just added reasons to smile.
S: Season of choice? Fall!  Fall in Kentucky is absolutely beautiful!  The air has a certain crispness that brings about the feeling of a newness.  I love the colors oranges, yellows, reds, oh my!  I love how the temperature mingles between sweet tea and hot chocolate.  I love sweaters.  I love how Fall signals the beginning of the holiday season.  Also, there is nothing better to me than the smell of pumpkin spice candle burning.
Maple Hills Studio, via Google Image search for Fall in Kentucky
T: Tag 5 People. Probably not...
U: Unknown fact about me? I want to get into photography...I even already have a name picked out if I ever had a business:  Life (in) Theory, don't go stealing that like a cute baby name.
V: Vegetable? Garden tomatoes with salt and pepper...You can defiantly tell I'm from the south.
W: Worst habit? Not hanging my towel back up.
X: Xray or Ultrasound? This is kinda strange...I guess I would say ultrasound because it can detect more than an x-ray.
Y: Your favorite food? This on could change from day to day, but I will go with pasta...pretty much any kind.  And well, this is weird.  There was this Mexican restaurant when I was little that had seafood burritos with crab meat, rice, and a white sauce and they were so good, but I have never found them anywhere else.

Z: Zodiac sign? Pisces


  1. I'm so excited burn fall candles! I go pumpkin crazy!

  2. Fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite. I've always loved it ... Back to school, the smell of the air, the crispness, pumpkin farms, apple cider, leaves changing and the colors, NFL football starting, and my birthday!!! I can't wait!

    I LOOOVE tomatoes. I could eat them all day every day.

  3. We have the same wedding anniversary! Woop woop for the one-year club!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the fall!!! It's THE best time of the year ... for all the reasons you mentioned and so many more that I can't think of just now. Lol!