Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why I stepped back from blogging...

There are several reasons that I took a break from blogging.  Here they are...

1. I started work back from summer break and my extra time was gone.

2.  My house isn't always know those bloggers that have a Pinterest house and it is always perfect...yeah, that's not me.

3.  I'm not good at staging awesome pictures to put on my blog.

4.  My focus changed from losing weight to having a baby and I didn't know if that would be something my readers would want to read about.

5.  It was becoming work.  Hats off to those of you who blog 5 or more days a week...I just can't keep up with that.

6.  I started to compare myself to other bloggers and no matter if they were a lifestyle blogger, weight loss bloggers, etc. there is always going to be someone with better success out there in the blog world...a cleaner more picturesque house, cuter clothes, better staging, more weight loss, etc.
7. It's hard to come up with funny, well-written post all the time.

8.  I don't have a lovely patio that I can post pictures of my lovely drinks on.

9.  It a nutshell, it just made me feel blah there for a while.  I felt that no matter what I was blogging about it wasn't the caliber of some of my favorite blogs. 

With all of that being said, there are lots of things that make me want to return to regular blogging.

1.  I get inspiration from other blogs.

2. I love the community that comes with blogging.

3.  Blogging motivates me.

4.  It is a way to document my life, whether I am the only person who reads about it or not.
5.  If I ever had weight to lose it will be, yeah.
6.  Blogging reminds me to take pictures and document things.

7.  My life is worth sharing and writing about and I just have to remember that.

I am truly thankful for those of you who stuck around during my hiatus and hope that you continue to follow are some upcoming things:
  • Ledger will be here soon!
  • Nursery reveal
  • Baby weight loss
  • DIY projects
  • Life in general 

P.S. I am now opening up my personal Instagram to my blog followers...I just can't keep up with two.  If you want to follow along please do click here.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Pictures= Disaster Day

The story behind the disaster of a day...Let me start by saying that I wasn't crazy about the idea of maternity pictures to begin with.  If you have followed this blog you know that one thing I blogged a lot about was trying to lose weight...when your pregnant that can't be your focus.  I have watched the number on the scale go up for 9 months (and I wanted to lose weight before I even got pregnant).  What I am trying to say is that I'm not feeling the best about myself these days, much less picture ready.  
My husband was supposed to be off for the day that we had pictures, but he ended up having to work.  Him having to work was problem meant that instead of him taking care of his stuff I had to.  He needed a new shirt for pictures and without him with me I was left to go to the store and do my best to guestimate his size..cue little helpful sales lady (NOT).  The sales lady comes over and asked about my husband's height and weight and INSISTED that I had selected a size that was too small.  Against my better judgement I reluctantly put my selection back on the shelf and took hers (I'm a people pleaser). 
 I proceeded to come home and think I had time for a quick nap. 
 When I woke up I took the shirt out of the packaging to steam it (with no time to take it back) and it was beyond HUGE.  I just started crying and panicking and the did the only think I knew to do...try to shrink it in hot water and then dry it on hot (it didn't work).  In the meantime of all this I had called the MAC location closest to my house (an hour away) and asked if I could get my make-up done for our pictures.  I should have done this sooner, but have never had a problem getting in there.  This is where problem two comes in...evidently it was every school's prom from here to Timbucktwo and they had NOTHING available.  
This is where the panic really started to set in. 
 I decided to suck it up and get everything else ready.  I started to search for my husband's good jeans, you know the dark wash color that looks good in pictures?  They were covered in mud from our dog...evidently they jumped on him when he got home one day.  I didn't have time to wash them, so I had to pack his ugly light wash jeans that look awful on him (in my opinion).  Next, his shoes...couldn't find them ANYWHERE. 
 Can you see how this is getting out of control quickly with things going wrong?!  Let's husband has a huge shirt, ugly too big jeans, and no shoes....clearly a problem for pictures. 
I wanted to cry (hormones), but knew I didn't have time for that...I just had to get ready.  Once I was ready I had to get the car loaded.  When we thought my husband was going to be off we chose a location an HOUR from our house for pictures (bad idea, don't do this).  So, I had to get all of my stuff, his stuff, etc. in the car for pictures...without wrinkling them, forgetting something, etc.  Well, both happened.  I wrinkled EVERYTHING, forgot my good strapless bra, my make-up for touch-ups, forgot T still didn't have shoes, get the idea.  
Once I was on the road I thought I could know the whole screw it at this point attitude?  Well, I get about halfway to the interstate exit where I am supposed to meet my husband and run into standstill traffic.  Are. You. Serious?  At this point I called my husband a complete mess, hysterically crying (remember I forgot my make-up for touch-ups?).  I then told him it was all his fault because he was the one that had to work and ALL of this would have been avoided if he had just taken off---sorry T, I was hormonal and being dramatic.
I finally got to him after calling the photographer to tell her we would be late. 
Once we got to the park where we were taking pictures we noticed it was PACKED...remember all the proms?  Evidently this lovely, picturesque location was just that...for all the prom-goers and their families.  Trinity and I had to get dressed in our car...which being so pregnant was a disaster in its self.  Trinity puts his shirt on, I was paying no attention, and then I hear him say, "Katelyn, look at my pretty dress."  I kid you not, the shirt went down past his knees!  I was DONE at this point...wanted to turn around and go home and cry about it, but we had already paid for the pictures and pictures AREN'T cheap.  
Other miscellaneous things went not having the right bra I needed,  the INSANE wind that started as soon as she started taking pictures, the craziness of all the people to try to photograph around,  my husband getting a call about his dad who is in the hospital in the middle of pictures (which totally sped up the process and took his mind out of it...I don't blame him for this...just another hiccup in the day).  
I'm pretty sure I am forgetting some thing, but at this point what difference would it make, you get and idea of how the day went.  So, with out further-adieu here are some of our maternity pictures. 


Friday, May 16, 2014

I've been BUSY!

Hey Y'all,
I know I have been totally MIA.  Last time I updated was 20 weeks.  There has been A LOT going on with work, family, etc.  So, I apologize, but I wanted to update you all with a sneak of our maternity pictures.  By the way, this day was a COMPLETE disaster...I'll be back to retell that story once I get the pictures back and can share some more.  For now, here ya go!