Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why I suck at being a wife...

Yep,it is true.  I totally suck at this whole wife thing.  Lucky for me, my husband loves me anyways, but I really suck.  Here is why...

I hate going to the grocery store- I despise that place.  I once made the mistake of going by myself at the beginning of the month and I felt like I was in bumper buggies meets roller derby.  It was traumatizing.  Aside from that, I still hate to go.  I hate the whole process.  I always forget things.  I have putting it in on the conveyor belt.  I hate putting them in the car.  I hate carrying them in.  I hate putting them up.  You see, I really hate it.

I hate unloading the dishwasher- I don't mind loading it, I just hate putting everything up.

I hate folding laundry- it is kinda like the dishwasher.  I don't mind separating it, washing it, drying it.  I hate the folding and putting it up process.  BUT, I do love the smell of fresh laundry! (<that's wifely right?!)

I hate dusting- We made the mistake of buying a book shelf that has a million different little squares and rectangles, plus we have a million picture frames, etc. on it and it is a pain in the you know where to dust.  Then my OCD makes putting it all back equally painful.

I sometimes like cooking- Here is the thing, my husband has the pallet of a 5 year old...seriously.  I do like to cook, but not chicken tenders and pizza all the time.  Plus, I usually end up cooking two meals.

I love professional pictures- Ladies, this straight up puts you on the sucky wife man likes have their picture taken a million times in preplanned outfits. 

Now, here are the wifely things I love to do:
  • vacuum
  • drink wine
  • taking bubble baths
  • shampoo carpet...that is fun.  I just don't want to clean the room first.
  • shop for home goods
  • shop in general
  • I am discovering my love for DIY project...but according the the work that sometimes causes my husband that might go on the sucky wife list.
I love T with all my heart...I just totally suck at "wifing" it!


  1. I am ALL about some vacuuming. And wine. Lots of wine. ;)

  2. I'm the total opposite with the dishwasher, I don't mind unloading it, but everything feels so gross when I'm loading it. But I'm also pretty good at drinking wine and shopping :)

  3. I'm totally with you on the laundry!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!

  4. Holy twin housewife, batman! I hate the grocery store, but I have found that I hate it even more when the husband goes with me (CHA-CHING! We are not made of money, sir!) I can load the dishwasher & washer, then proceed to live from it until empty. I will however vacuum every day & get huffy and puffy if the carpet looks gross, without ever lifting a finger to dust. And the pictures...let me just high-5 you on the pictures. My daughter is 11 & I have 1 family photo of us. This year there is no choice. I will drug them & drag them out for a decent pro pic if I have to. Cheers to wine & shopping!! : )

  5. AWW i know what you mean. you aren't a bad wife you may just be a bad "housewife" :) my husband knows how much i do on a day to day basis and when things begin to lag in certain areas, laundry, dishes etc like you said (they suck!!) he understands.

  6. Hahaha! Yes, yes and more yes. This means you're a REAL person! I do all of the things that you hate but it doesn't mean I wouldn't rather have fairytale squirrels and birdies doing it instead. Loving it.

  7. Oh goodness if all these are true then I'm a bad wife too!! Especially the picture one!! I think it probably just means we aren't Stepford wives not bad wives!

  8. Ah I can relate on so many of those things! But just because you don't like doing them does not make you a bad wife!!!! What truly matters is the effort you put into your husband and the way you love him. The rest of the housework eventually all falls into place :)

  9. I love drinking wine and vacuuming at the same time! It makes it so much more fun!
    i don't like folding laundry either. It just sits on our guest bed until it's almost too tall and falls over. :)

  10. Oh I hate all the wifey things you have to do. I hate cleaning. We hire someone. Oops. I actually enjoy doing laundry, but that is about it!

  11. i'm a horrible wife and i'm surprised my husband hasn't left me yet!

    -i never fold his laundry; i just throw his stuff into the basket
    -when he hurts himself, i laugh for some awful reason (ie. when he electrocuted himself when installing the pot lights, he dropped the pliers and fell off the ladder and i couldn't stop laughing). <-- for shame!!

    Vodka and Soda

  12. OMG I HATE to unload the dishwasher also....confession: I'll wash the same dishes 15 times :)

  13. My dislike of cooking is the one thing that really makes me feel like a sucky wife more then anything. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! I hate a lot of household duties too including grocery shopping. We have floating shelves. Two of them. But there is hardly anything on them and I like it that way because it makes dusting easier! I call it the clean and modern look.

  14. Hi there, I found you through Holly! I'm sure you bring more to the table than just housework-type things :) I always call myself a slacker-wife - I use working as an excuse, but I just cannot keep our house clean! Laundry is my biggest matter how much I do, there is always going to be more! And cooking - by the time you get everything out, cook it, eat it, then clean everything up, the night is basically over! So I make one crockpot meal each week which takes care of two nights. Every other night is "survival night" :)

  15. O-M-G!! I think you are my long lost twin!!! I hate all of those things that you just named with a passion!!! I'm so glad there is someone else like me! I fee like I'm a horrible wifey too!!! I feel so NOT alone anymore! lol!

  16. I'm really bad about the whole cooking thing. I have a select few things on my list of things I cook and don't venture far from that... And I'd rather eat out than cook just because we don't have a dishwasher and doing all those dishes afterwards just seems daunting sometimes.

    Dusting is for the birds... doesn't happen very often around my house. Oh, and we still have the blue tape on our living room ceiling because we never finished painting it - it's been up there for going on 6 years. :-/

    And the grocery store at the first of the month - might as well put on elbow pads and racing gloves - it's going to be a hassle getting through.

    Bottom line - I could totally be a better wife. :)

  17. HAHAHAH! This is hilarious! I'm the same was about ALL of those!! Once again, are we twins??

  18. I am the total same! I always say if my hubs wanted to marry someone who was going to be a cookie cutter wife, he married the wrong person!

    I figure being a wife isn't about doing housework and all of that's about the fact we're still in love and I take the time to love him.

  19. Sometimes I think to myself "I'm a pretty good wife" when it comes to SOME things, other times ... totally crappy! I don't dust, I don't mind grocery shopping, I am actually ok with folding laundry. I usually make the kids unload the dishwasher (I mean that's the only reason we have kids, right, to make them be our slaves?) I'm not great at getting dinner on the table very often or keeping the house clean, gotta work on those.

  20. I just found your blog through the 5 on Friday link up! I LOVE this post, I can relate to so many of the things you hate doing. Also I didn't know drinking wine was a 'wifey' thing!? Sign me up!


  21. I can totally do without dusting!! Putting everything back is such a pain, so is moving it! Same goes with vacuuming and moping, such a process. :)

  22. I can relate so much to this post! Love your blog!