Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Working Out and Weight In: Insanity

Hey! I hope your week is off to a great start or middle!  Today I am linking up for Workout Wednesday with Skinny Meg and Weigh in Wednesday with Heather.

This is a quote I am constantly reminding myself of.  I often wonder where I would be in my weight loss journey if I had kept up with it and not taken time off when I started this journey.

I will start with the weigh in.  Now, bear with me, because I have never officially put my weight on here.  {deep breath}  My weight this week was 176.8, which is a loss from last week.  Do you remember when I said the nurse mistakenly put a 6 or a 0?  Well, that was because my weight last week was 180.  So, I have lost 3.2 pounds, which isn't bad for a week.
P.S.  I hate toes in scale pictures!
Now, for the workout.  Last week I shared that I was using the Hal Higdon plan for a 10k.  At that point, I was really struggling with the idea of Cross-fit options.  But, once again this awesome blog community came through and after many comments and numerous emails with advice (seriously, thank you all so much) I got a better understanding on what it is all about.

On my cross-fit days I have started doing the Insanity program.  I bought the program a long time ago and had it laying around with dust all over it waiting to be used.  I am using the "Polymetric Cardio Circuit", which is periods of intense max interval circuits with short periods of rest...think sprints or football drills.  It reminds me of conditioning from back in my dance team days...except harder or I am older and out of shape...either one.
Why yes, it is laying on the door we are is a table for now. :)

This is a video of before and is just humorous...I suck!

Insanity is really hard, but I feel like it is a good contrast from my running days and it is defiantly challenging me. 

The pros of this program for me are:
  • It is interval, so right when I think I am done and about to quit it gives you a 30 second water break.
  • It moves at a fast pace, so you don't get bored.
  • The pace makes the workout go by fast.
The cons of this program for me are:
  •  It starts at a very intense level.  The program is not made to work you up in endurance.
  • Sometimes I wish I could punch Sean T in the face.

On a running note, I did my longest run this week:

 And, the virtual 5k for Maggie:

Weigh In Wedneday


  1. I really wanted to do he 5K, but was not able to.
    I love that you are soo fit:)

  2. HAhaha!! I love your video!! I also have's insane...and I decided I needed to get a little more "in shape" to be able to do insanity well. But great job on your weight loss!! You're awesome! :)

  3. Insanity is no joke. And I feel ya on wanting to punch Shaun T in the face! I wanted to all the time when I went through that program. But then if you watch a clip from him in Hip Hop Abs, you'll laugh....really hard.

  4. HHAHA I'm scared of Insanity and most of Shaun T's programs.

    1. Hip Hop Abs isn't so bad. Try that my dear.

  5. Awesome weight loss.. and loved the video too!

  6. You have nice toes Katelyn :-). I have the Insanity workouts on my laptop but I don't think I have the standard level of endurance to dare try it now.

    Maybe in the next two months.

    Love your blog by the way. Just had to hit the follow button.


  7. Found you from the link up -haha I hate toes in scale pictures too - it makes me want to constantly paint them so my readers don't think I'm gross.

    I don't think I could ever try Insanity, it looks way too hard for me, but kudos for doing it!


  8. Eventually you will learn to want to punch Tanya in the face too. I did Insanity for about 1.5 and then stopped because bad timing but it is definitely a good workout when you stick with and they also have a new workout T25, same type of idea but it's only 25 mins a day. I havent tried it yet but heard it is really good. ANything is better than nothing. Keep up the good work girl!

  9. Great job on the weight loss and the working out! I haven't tried Insanity yet... too afraid!! :)

  10. Great job on the weight loss :) I've never tried insanity, but once I get to that point when I feel like I can, I probably will :)

    Erin @

  11. Woo! I have Insanity and I have never made it into month two. Something has always happened that distracted me away from it. I can't wait to start it after I complete C25K after I have my baby!

  12. Oh, I've heard so much about Insanity. You are a rock star!! :)

  13. What an awesome loss!! Way to go! Thanks for linking up :)

  14. I'd like to give insanity a try, but it's so expensive (that I can see) ... I loved that 30DS was cheap (and they said you can find it for free on Youtube too).

  15. Awesome job! Insanity looks a little tough for me! Your running is going to get so much better after cross training for a month or two, you'll love it!

  16. Great job on your run!! I feel ya on the toe pictures- I'm in dire need of a pedicure and I had to do some major picture cropping yesterday lol.


  17. Great job on your weight loss! My son does Insanity he says it's tough.