Thursday, July 18, 2013

For Your Viewing...Progress

Okay, I know in blogland your not supposed to post twice in one day, or so I have heard, but since I am doing the Five On Friday link-up tomorrow (you should too) I am going to go ahead and break a blogland rule and post twice in one day. {uh-oh}
 Y'all, I was going through some old memory cards and found a couple jewels well, just see for yourself.  I found some pictures from 2011 when I first started this weight loss thing the right way.  You know what the scary thing is?  I had lost about 20 pounds by the time the top pictures were taken.  I have searched for pictures of me at my biggest, and continue to do so...the problem?  Everything was on digital cameras and I deleted that shiz as soon as I got my finger to the delete button.  Anyways, I thought some of you might like to see some of the progress I have made to this point in this journey.  I am by no means done and have a long way to go.  Everyday is a mental battle for me of not wanting to workout and wanting to eat badly...and you know what, sometimes that part wins.  Sue me, I'm human.  But, on the days it gets really hard and I take time off, etc. I have to look at the fact that I am making progress, no matter how slow or miniscule it may seem at times.
*Please notice in the top pictures that even with my face angled up in both I still have a double chin.
The difference between these top pictures and the bottom pictures is about 40-50 pounds.

Here are a couple more that I worked on, but didn't think the pictures turned out big enough to really see a difference.

Yep, pillows are a chubby girls best friend when she sits on a couch and cameras are out!

And that dress was flattering.
These are all recent, as in last summer because we haven't had pictures taken since then, but I can still wear these clothes, so I am about the same size.


  1. Awesome!!! HAHA, I was going to do the same thing awhile back but I am just like you! Any picture I looked horrible in I deleted right away! You look great!

    1. I honestly wish I had saved some of them now, in retrospect. I guess, honestly, I never really knew if I could do it, so it was easier to not look at it. Thank you, I still have a long way to go to be where I want to physically and mentally, but it is a journey.

  2. Replies
    1. Awww, thanks, doll! Thanks for taking the time to read my little piece of blogland, I truly appreciate it.

  3. You've made amazing progress so far, keep it up!!

  4. I love black interior door! PS you look amazing! love your blog!

  5. You look incredible!! Congratulations! Your progress is truly inspiring!

  6. Wow!! You look great and you are so inspiring! I need your motivation! HELP!
    PS- where did you get married? It almost looks similar to our beaches in Pensacola, FL.