Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm gonna be photographed...Oh, dear!

Okay, so I mentioned in an earlier post that I we were going to have pictures done for our 1 year wedding anniversary in July.  Well, I rescheduled them.  With everything going on right now it was just too much on my plate to think about getting things ready for pictures.  AND I am still a swamp moose (aka fat kid) so I just decided to reschedule for sometime in the fall.  We are taking pictures on October 20th.  I am excited about taking pictures in the fall because in Kentucky it is beautiful and it will be different from our engagement and wedding pictures which were both in the summer.
Pictures are 110 days away.  Yes, I have countdown on my phone. 
I need a constant reminder that I am going to be getting in front of a camera. 

Here are my goals for pictures:
  • Lose 20 pound...Of course I would like to lose 30, but I am trying to make manageable goals.  A little over 3 months and 20 pounds sounds reasonable...maybe?!
  • Feel good about myself... This is a biggie when we had other pictures take I automatically count out good pictures of the two of us because all I see is my imperfections.
  • Not to reschedule due to my lack of goal obtainment 
So, there you have it.  I have blogged about it, so now I have to keep that date!  Are there things that you have goals for to lose weight, or have in the past?   Tell me about your experiences!  I'd love the hear about them.


  1. 20 lbs in 3 months is definitely possible! You can do it! OMG fall pictures are the best. Our 3 yr wedding anniversary is this September and I've been wanting professional pictures forever, so maybe this year! I hope I will have lost 20lbs by then too! Good luck!

    1. You will! I hope that I can...I have started this and one thing or another comes up and it derails me. I want to do it for real this time!