Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

 I absolutely LOVE coffee.  I drink an unhealthy amount.

Good morning, Sunshine!
  Actually, I have found a cheap wine that I love...The Reggae line.  My favorite is Reggae Red.  It is sweet, so if you don't like sweet wine then I don't recommend it.
Ummm, yum!

Reality TV
Maybe it is that I feel the need to remind myself that most people are just as dysfunctional as I am.
This is older shows, but whatev...you get the idea.

I mean really, there is nothing better than an afternoon nap...especially during a storm..mmm hmmm.
I want this on a pillow...

Sonic's summer drink collection.
Are you getting the idea?  I drink my calories...Well, and eat them.  Yep, I do both.

Candy Crush
I play this game entirely too much!  I'm kinda obsessed!

My Phone
I mean I can't even change rooms in my house without knowing where it's at.

 I am sure there are many that I have forgotten.
So, what are your guilty pleasures? 

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