Saturday, June 8, 2013

Icon Overhaul

How cute is this home screen?  (Note: I have since moved the app store, etc. to a secondary screen so it is just the 'pretty' icons).  I had seen other people posting their home screen shots on Facebook, etc. but felt that my tech un-savy self would probably not be able to do it.
To my surprise...IT IS SUPER EASY!!!  

-1- You need to download the app Cocoppa from the app store.  It is FREE..yesssss!

-2- Open the app and be completely overwhelmed by all the awesome icons.  My suggestion?  That you get  a "look" you are going for a stick with it.  As you can see I went for pastels, chevron, etc.  At first I was just getting anything I thought was cute and as you will discover there on icons with neon colors, tie-dye, animal print, etc. and I ended up with icons that didn't look right together.

Select an icon that you like....

-3- Click "Set up link"

 -4- Select the link type. 
Note: you will most likely have to do an "App search" and it will pop up with the most popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. but I had some that I had to search for.

-5- Select that app you want to create the short cut for...

 -6- Name the icon, it will have the generic name, you can change it or leave it the same.  Then, select "Ok".

-7- It will take you out of the app into Safari.  You will select the arrow out button (lots of time you use this button to SHARE content).

-8- Select "add to home screen"

-9- It will be there on your home screen :)
 Note:  DO NOT DELETE YOUR OLD ICONS, simple create a folder, I called mine "Unpretties" and put all of your ugly icons in.

Happy overhauling...think of it as DIY project just for YOU!!!

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  1. Holy crap, I love this!! (Stalking, yes.) I am obsessed with chevron, and I'm going to download that app this second!!