Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday

-One- Yesterday I blogged about getting mason jars and all the endless summer possibilities.  
Read about it here.

-Two- While blogging about dreams of a summer ladies night with fancy mason jars I happened upon these pictures of the arrangement we made for my wedding shower.  I LOVED my wedding shower it was perfect and my mom helping me make these made the whole thing come together...not to mention she is a "Pinterest Superstar" now for these bad boys. 

-Three- This is what I have been doing this week for a workout.  We also went to the gym,  but it is SO crowded at night that you have to wait for machines, etc. forever so I haven't been motivated to is frustrating to say the least.

-Four- The hubs and I will be here for our anniversary....and I can't wait!

-Five- This deserves mention in Five on Friday.  I got the Caramel & Coconut and it is delicious...does this negate the post about interval training?


  1. I've been looking for those creamers everywhere and can't find them!

    1. I found mine at Kroger. I bought two because I was afraid they'd run out. I hope you find some!