Friday, June 21, 2013

Wedding Day Bliss...just not mine.

I LOVE weddings!  
I mean who doesn't...well maybe not if you get invited to your redneck cousins wedding who wants to make it a beer pong contest with a bomb fire of which I know nothing about.
  Both are fine, just not what you envision for a wedding. I really do like bomb fires...I think they are relaxing.  

I have a friend getting married that I have known since elementary school, so I wanted to do something special for her big day (tomorrow...yay!).  I had the save-the-date and the invitation, but to me that still seemed generic...I wanted something special.  My friend is really, I mean really, close with her grandfather.  I called her mom to see if she could get him to write something to the bride and groom, he wrote, "I love you."  The bride's mom explained that her "Papa" wasn't feeling well so he didn't write  a lot.  
I think less is more.
It is something I wish I had from my grandfather...whom I absolutely adored.
Her wedding is country vintage themed and her reception is in a barn on one of the local college campuses.  I had the picture framed with old barn wood and matted with a form of light burlap to match her style and theme.
I had it framed and here is the result.

Since I like to get crafty from time to time I decided that I wanted to make a package to also match her style.  
Here are my supplies:  

Step One:  If you have a freaking picture framed that is not a typical size you will NOT be able to find a box.  Therefore you will spend and hour cutting cardboard and making your own.
Now the real Step One:  Wrap the package.

Step Two: Use a ribbon of your choice, I chose a burlap ribbon to fit her style, and create a "cross" on the package.  
I was going to do a bow with the ribbon, but it was just "too much" when I put it on the package.

Step Three:  Hot glue vintage gift tag onto the package in the middle.  Then, hot glue the fabric flowers in an arrangement of your choice. 
Note:  No, I have not written on the tag yet, I don't want to screw it up since I am perfectionist...I decided to go tomorrow and get sticker letters that way I can do it perfectly.

Detailed Look:

I'll leave you with a picture of Kayne, our Great Dane, just because he's cute.

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  1. That is so beautiful and special!!! Wonderful idea!!

    Your dog is cute!