Saturday, June 15, 2013

You make me happy...Bathroom Makeover

I must first say I am in LOVE with our new guest bathroom!  When we were building our house we picked a light blue for our guest bathroom and laundry room, the bathroom never really got anything past being painted and shower curtain...I was never motivated to decorate it being the color it was.  I told my husband I wanted to paint it gray and he was less than thrilled that I wanted to start repainting things so soon.  He was even less thrilled when I showed him the my ideal color...a darker gray.  Once it was all said and done he loves it and so do I.

I started with towels and canvas print from TJ Maxx as my inspiration.  I loved the idea of a gray room with pops of yellow and white. 
My beginning inspiration.

Finished product.

Finished Product.

Paint- Valspar "Elephant Gray"  

Canvas print- TJ Maxx

Towels- TJ Maxx

Towels and print - TJ Maxx

Candle from Wal-Mart (scent- honeysuckle)

Memory foam bathmats.  Gift from my mother-in-law.

Textured shower curtain.  Brand -Canopy form Wal-Mart

The finished product!

When I saw these towels I couldn't pass them up!  I thought how cute they would be when I wanted to switch things up a bit if I got tired of the yellow.  They look VERY pink, but they are actually a coral color. 

 My advice if you want to redo a room is to pick a vocal piece, something you LOVE with colors you love and move from there.  When I pick paint colors first I always have a harder time getting my vision for how I want things to look....when I go from a piece I love the vision usually comes quicker than I can say get me the paint!

Until next time, 
Katelyn :)


  1. LOVE the gray and yellow! I'm thinking about gray and purple for our guest bathroom :-) I love the canvas you found. It's so cute!

    1. I found that canvas and then planned everything around it. I love it, too. I thing gray and purple would be cuteeeeee!