Monday, June 24, 2013

How dogs are preparing me for children...

How being a dog mom is preparing me for real kids...maybe?!

Now, don't get offended... I realize that the love I will have for my children will be NOTHING like how I love my dogs...this isn't about that.  This is just meant to be a post about the struggles of a dog mom trying to become a real mom.

-10- Our Great Dane, Kayne has insomina issues and stomps around on and off all night and randomly wants to be let out. 
 He is preparing me for all-nighters.  

-9- Our Boxer, Trey, sleeps in our bed.  I have less room than he does and I often get kicked in the ribs. 
He is teaching me to sleep train my kids into their own bed.

-8- They get sick in the middle of the night sometimes.  This is NOT at all.  
They are teaching me, animal or not, when sick they need their momma.

-7- They follow me in the bathroom.  
I think nothing about that at this point.  Before Kayne I attempted to close the door, but he can open them with his chin.  I gave up on that one.
They are teaching me that you have no alone time when you're a mom.

-6- Trey has allergies and has a very specific diet.  
He is teaching me how to read labels for a foods content.  I imagine I will need that skill in mommyhood at some point.

-5- Kayne is the MOST demanding creature, like EVER...and he is BIG so he gets it.
He is teaching me that his needs come first.

-4- Kayne and Trey are jealous of one another.
They are teaching me how to give balanced attention.

-3- They have both had their bouts with eating foreign objects.
They have taught me how to respond in a calm and responsible manner to this. 
After this happened for the like 5th time I got smart enough to not freak out right away.

-2- Trey was a HANDFUL at first.  I mean chewed up everything and then some.
He is teaching me firm, yet fair guidance works the best.

-1- They love me no matter what.  I can be awful and they still love me unconditionally.
The same goes for them. 
They are teaching me that love is unconditional and matter what. 


  1. Aww man, your pups are so cute!! And I totally agree with your list :) I can relate to the entire thing!

    1. I got the idea when I was talking to my friends who already have kids. They would start talking about something and I would want to add in how my dogs do similar stuff...I just decided to keep that to myself and blog about it. :)

  2. I totally agree with this!!! I have noticed some of the same connections with my own dog! Your dogs are cute :D

  3. Aww, your dogs are so cute! We have 3 dogs, 1 cat and a 20 month old! Never a dull moment in our house! Ha.

    1. They certainly make things interesting around here, but we wouldn't have it any other way!