Friday, June 7, 2013

5 on Friday

One:  Yay for starting a blog...I have been a blog follower for a LONG time.  I finally realized that it may be something I wanted to do as here's to it being a success someday.  By the way, trying to format a blog with specialized background, etc. is HARD....I may just have to hire someone to do that!

Two: I ran yesterday (2 miles with some walking), did an ab challenge, and this.  I thought oh, this doesn't look bad, this will just vamp up what I have already often I forget that I am a fatty.  I mean seriously, I think I convince myself I am in shape at least 10 times a day.  Anyways, I think you should try it. 
Pinterest Workout, but on the picture it says Domestic Mama, so I am assuming that is the source.
Three: I love getting new things, especially when they are monogrammed or chevron.  I got these phone covers off of a Facebook ad, believe it or not...Yes, they actually came in the mail (much to my husband's surprise).  They were 2 for $25. 

New Phone Covers
Four:  I re-did our guest bathroom.  It was a very pale blue color and never really looked is the result.  I think I love it so much because the color is called "Elephant Grey" by Valspar.
New Bathroom

Five:  As you will learn, I love my dogs A LOT, but that doesn't mean they aren't a handful at times.  This week alone, they made it snow in the bedroom by tearing up a pillow.  Trey stole a bag of Doritos and proceeded to eat them...ALL. Kayne got in the bathtub WHILE I was trying to clean it...and that is just a few of our adventures from this past week.  
He stole the Doritos.

Typical male...and not I did nothing to 'create' this picture.

Kayne, our Great Dane decided he needed to get in the bathtub, while I was trying to clean it!

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