Thursday, June 20, 2013

Everything is sweeter in a mason jar....

  I happened upon these bad boys while grocery shopping in Kroger.  I live in Kentucky where everything is sweeter from a mason jar.  Call it redneck...I call it country class.
Yes, I am that person that forgot to take a picture of the package BEFORE opening it.  The hubs and I had drinks in them last night. 
How cute are these?  I love the vintage collection because they come in the lovely blue color.
Can you say backyard entertaining?  You would be sure to win guest over with these.

First, you would of course need cute straws.
Found HERE
With the 4th of July coming up many are planning backyard celebrations for friends and family.  Check out these cute drink ideas for you new glassware.  

This blog has lots of cute 4th ideas, found here.

I found this idea on Pinterest, but it came from here.

After taking to Pinterest I decided to do some crafting of my own.  
I had some ribbon, twine, and peacock feathers (left over from my wedding shower).
I envisioned something that had a summer flare with the mason jar, but also said drinks and dinner with the girls. 
Here is what I came up with.

Simple and you could add other colors, stars, etc. to achieve the look you wanted.

Not my favorite, but it could be cute with some more tweaking.

Love this simple vintage look.

Simple, but keeps the hands dry and adds a decorative flare.

Entertaining is ALWAYS more fun with variety!
Can you imagine dinner and drinks with your favorite ladies with these cute centerpieces and those mason jars?  These are the centerpieces (there were tons of them) we made for $100 for my wedding shower!  Like I said, entertaining is always more fun with variety.  I am a sucker for things that are all different but come together for an awesome look.  I think when everything is the same it is boring.

Long story short...go get yourself some mason jars and let the summer drink fun begin!

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