Friday, June 14, 2013

5 on Friday

Five on Friday!
Better late than never!
-One- My hydrangeas are blooming!   I am so excited!  I planted them last year and babied them all summer and now it is paying off! I put my hand next to them to show how big the blooms are getting!

-Two- My sister-in-law flew in from Colorado, so we have been spending lots of time with family this week.  One of the things we did was go to was okay...time with family was the best part.  Anyways, my father-in-law ALWAYS messes up family photos with funny faces, so we decided to get in on the fun...and guess who decided to be normal?!

-Three- One of our family adventures was visiting Mammoth Cave.  I highly recommend it if you live in or near the KY area.  I can't say enough about what a neat experience it was.  I admit, I have anxiety about stuff like that, but it was totally worth it and I am glad I didn't let my fear get the best of me....I must admit, I did have a minor freakout right before deciding I was going to such it up and go 350 feet underground!

-Four- It is wedding season and I am so excited to go to good friends weddings.  I am also spending time thinking about our wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica on July 7th of last year.  I can't wait to celebrate our 1 year anniversary in a couple of weeks.

-Five-  I am taking a hiatus from Facebook.  I was inspired by the time with family this week.  I often left my phone in my car, etc. and realized I was spending too much time on social media apps such as Facebook...I felt so much better really being 'present' I decided to see how long I can go without it.  My husband's response?  "That will save our marriage." (while he was being dramatic the feelings that spurred the comment were real)  I couldn't believe he said that, we never fight, etc. but he explained that he was annoyed by me always being on my phone....I never knew it bothered him! 

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