Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Horizontal running, anyone?

Yesterday, was a special day...NOT.  It was one of those days where every sign points to you needing to lose weight. 
Hi, my name is Katelyn and I am a stress eater.
I have to admit, I have noticed that since my stress with work has has my eating. I used to be the opposite of a stress eater, I wouldn't eat at all when I was stressed...but yesterday I noticed something. 

I was selected to be on a committed (a compliment, really), but with that committee comes a lot of extra work: data analysis and collection...and there were snacks at our meeting, so I a pretty sure I looked exactly like this as I took notes a mile a minute on what was going to be required of me.

One of my kids so innocently pointed out, "Hey, did you know that Mrs. X is smaller than you?  That's kinda funny."  Well Mrs. X is a volunteer that works in my room, and no it isn't kinda funny, kid.  We'll work on your sense of humor this year....I felt exactly like this. 

I had some fruit snacks on my desk.  I skipped breakfast and was hungry, so I ate one pack.  I opened up a second pack.  
kid one:  Are you eating another package of fruit snacks?
kid two: She's gonna eat the whole box.  (really kid, really?)
kid three:  You've already had three packs.  
me, on the defensive:  I did not have three.  This is only my second and considering it is not gone I have technically only eaten one pack.  (woah, Ice Bish, they are 7)
kid one: No, you opened another pack.  That is two.
me to myself: Well, we are adding correctly, that is a plus.
....just walk away, walk away.
And hungry, but clearly not around kids anymore!
 Then, I got home and was so freakin' tired that I felt like doing my 30 Day Shred (that I had just posted before pictures and blogged about the same day) was going to be damn near impossible.  I sat on the couch a felt like this when my husband asked me if I was doing my workout DVD.

The final straw?  My friend and I were making plans for the weekend and they entirely revolved around food.

Okay, okay...I am done with gifs for a while until I get on tumblr with wine and save a bunch again.


  1. sometimes we all have off days; don't beat yourself up. today is a new day, new goals to accomplish! remember: your body can do anything; it's just your mind you have to convince :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I sometimes joke that I wish I was one of those people who couldn't eat when stressed. Funny, but not really. I am the exact same way, except usually I inhale all carbs. Potatoes topped with potatoes slapped onto a huge roll & call it day! So frustrating. I understand that working out & eating good makes you feel great, but getting over that hump is next to impossible on some days. Today is our day! Fresh start. ; )

  3. Whoaaa...I can't imagine having all of those 7 year olds judging me :( I couldn't do it!

  4. My stress can go both ways regarding eating (stress eat ... or not eat anything), I wish the not eat anything stress happened more often. I've got to watch the mindless eating, especially when I'm on the computer.

    Love Pitch Perfect and the "horizontal running" ...

  5. I hate stress eating!! UGH. It's so hard not to do but I think I'm getting better at it and of being conscious of when I'm doing it. That said, I have a bad day or two now and then!

    Don't worry today will be better!

  6. I am a stress eater too - I know you will get past it, it just takes time and dedication. (And for me personally, not having any food in my desk at work... that is the worst for me!!)

    I have a feeling today will be great!

  7. HAHAHA this is hilarious!! And I am definitely a stress eater too, so I feel ya. Kids are sadly the most truthful little people, and whenever a kid once said I was fat, I wanted to punch him in the nose....but I knew he was right!! Ugh...

  8. hahahah OMG were you living in my life yesterday?!?!?! It was soooo hard to get up and do the 30DS after class and work all day I did it yesterday this morning ummmm not so much

  9. I am a big time stress eater too. Now I just don't buy anything that I know I would indulge too much in.
    One time while filling up my plate a 10 year old said, "wow, you're really piling it on!" I had to stop and let that sink in. I was piling it on the plate and on my booty. Haha
    Horizontal running! I love her!

  10. Totally a stress eater too! You forgot the Austin Powers I eat because I am unhappy and I am unhappy because I eat gif! Haha. That one always pops in my head when I eat crappy! Hope your day gets better!

  11. UgggHHH!! I feel your pain! I don't think I'm a stress eater. I'm just a snacker period. When I am feeling fluffy I hate it when I know there is going to be a ton of social events involving food. It stresses me out to no end. When I come home from work it's straight to the DVD to put in the video and then change. If I sit down or do anything else for even one second it's over.

  12. I love all the animated videos!! Too cute!
    & I nominated you for an award on my blog!
    I hope you like it! :)

  13. I'm a stress eater too!! It's so awful! Somedays I just really want a whole bag of chips and salsa. haha :P